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O/E Sales Pro-Forma Invoice for Sage ACCPAC ERP
Version 5.5a  
Feb 25, 2010

O/E Sales Pro-Forma Invoice (P/F) 箇︳祇布

Sales Pro熿forma Invoice (P/F) enhanced Sage ACCPAC ERP Order Entry module. P/F provides Invoice Number reserve feature during O/E Shipment Entry. A Pro熿forma Invoice Form can be printed before issue actual Invoice. When the actual Invoice to be created, P/F collect the
reserved Invoice Number for the new Invoice number.

箇︳祇布P/F眏ACCPAC ERP 綪扳璹虫家舱块よΑ箇︳ 祇布P/Fいノめ块癳砯璹虫,玂痙祇布腹絏秨ミ痷タ祇布玡, ゴ箇︳祇布Α讽龟悔祇布秨ミ箇秨祇布P/F穦讽玂痙祇布腹絏穝祇布絪腹

Key Feature 疭︹
- Invoice Number reserve during shipment 箇痙祇布絪腹
- Print Pro熿forma Invoice before issue actual Invoice 箇︳祇布
- Keep check which user reserve Invoice number for Pro熿forma
- Keep check Pro熿forma Invoice History 發萝箇︳祇布菌戈
- Keep check Pro熿forma Invoiced Shipment have been invoiced
- Integrate with Sage ACCPAC 100/200/500 Order Entry
挡 Sage ACCPAC ERP 100/200/500 綪扳璹虫
- Develop by Sage ACCPAC ERP SDK
ACCPAC SDK 膀娄祇砞璸
List Price: USD 1,000 + USD 180 for 1 year SA

- Sage ACCPAC ERP 100/200/500 Version 5.5a
- MS-SQL 2000/2005, PSQL
- System Manager PU2
- Accounts Receiable PU2
- Order Entry PU2

Please unzip & place license file *.lic under ACCPAC folder same location as other ACCPAC license file.

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Tel: +886 2 87861326
Fax: +886 2 87898851

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